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Why Organic?

Working in Harmony

All farming requires an awareness of the time of year. Whether it is the arrival of spring, the heat of the summer sun or the slow waning of fall, organic growing requires an increased level of awareness.  The tools of the organic farmer are subtle and are in harmony with the Earth. Organic farmers must hone their sensiblity and sensitivity to the land, to the plants and to the cyclical rhythms of life.  We at Shining Mountain Herbs thoroughly enjoy working with the land on this intimate and energetic level.

codono.jpgOrganic farming is a dance of give and take that is sustainable through years, decades and even centuries. We deeply believe that growing the herbs used in our products organically creates the most vital and medicinally active botanicals possible.  We believe that organic farming is a practice that is in harmony with all life on earth, be it insect, plant, animal or human. Ultimately, organic farming strives to create a balance between what is needed for, and what is given by the plants each year.

Why be Organic?

We believe that Organic is the only way to grow. We do not support the use of chemicals in growing, nor do we support the use of GMO seeds or GMO plants. We would grow organically regardless of our certification because we believe it is best for us, for the earth, and for our customers.

No GMO's

Organically grown means we don't ever use GMO’s. This is part of the definition of what it is to be Organic. This is yet another level of assurance that comes with buying Organic products.

There are copious amounts of data that prove the benefit and superiority of organically grown plants. They have more nutrients, more activity, and more life force. They are better for us and better for the Earth.

Be Well.