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Why Biodynamic?

Biodynamic Farming was started by philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the late 1920's in Europe. It began as an organic method to improve soil quality just after the advent of chemical fertilizers and herbicides when farmers began to notice a decline in soil and plant health.

koral-spraying-field.jpgBiodynamics is an organic, holistic, and regenerative practice that focuses on soil health, biodiversity, and on the integration of plants, animals and the cosmos. Biodynamics sees the farm as an indiviudual organism and treats it as such.  It looks at the relationships this "individual" has within and without; from the relationship with its various parts or "organs," to neighboring lands, the earth and on up to the stars. 

Biodynamics is a farm system that aims to be fully self-sustaining and minimally dependent on imported materials. The waste from one part of the farm becomes the fertilizer for another.  For example, the chickens may be fed weeds pulled from the cultivated field. The product of the chicken's digestion, manure, can then be added to the compost to break down and eventually be used to feed the plants as a natural, and organic fertilizer.

An ideal Biodynamic farm is a self-sufficent ecosystem. One that produces its own composts, seeds and young animals to replace the old. Biodynamics aims to give back to the earth, rather than taking away. This method of farming relies mainly on the use of an astrologically based planting calendar; organic homeopathic preparations that improve the soil quality and vitality; and compost preparations
adding-bio-soils.jpgthat enrich, nourish and enliven the farm's plants and animals. BD agriculture takes a holistic approach to farming, and takes care of the farmer and farm workers as well as the farm itself. This makes the farm more sustainable and regenerative rather than degenerative or static.

Biodynamics brings with it a spiritual aspect to farming. It acknowledges that there are forces of nature and the cosmos that are beyond our comprehension, but which nontheless assist all things in nature in living and growing.

We believe Biodynamic farming is yet another layer of good intent for a healthy and vibrant farm. This enables us to better produce health-giving products to improve the health of our staff and everyone who takes our products.

The health of the land, the people working the land, and those who then benefit from our products is of utmost importance to us.