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What Makes Us Unique

cimarron-view.jpgOrganic. The ingredients that go into our product line are Organic. This means that they are grown with Organic methods and without the use of synthetics. They are 100% healthy for human consumption and are grown and produced in ways that are in harmony with the Earth. This also means that there are no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our products!

Biodynamic. Biodynamic farming was developed by philosopher Rudolph Steiner as a way to increase the quality of the soil and to regenerate rather than degenerate the land. Our intention in farming is to give more back than we take. Where Organic farming creates a sustainable give and take between farmer and land, Biodynamic farming creates a surplus of life-giving forces which can then go back to the Earth.

Rudolph Steiner also discovered the difference between living and static water, living water being many times more bioactive and healthful.  He developed a simple stirring technique which enlivens water by copying the natural spiraling and eddying processes of rivers.  We use this technique to enliven the purified Rocky Mountain Water in our extracts in order to make them even more powerful and life-promoting.

Vertically Integrated. This means that we nurture from "seed to product."  We grow approximately 80 percent of the herbs that we use in our products. Therefore, we have control over the quality and purity of our herbs. We cultivate, process and produce our products on our farm here in the southwest corner of the Rocky Mountains.

Family Owned and Operated FarmWe started small, and we remain a small family farm. All planting, cultivation, harvesting and processing are done by hand. The many stages of the plant's life are carefully and thoughtfully nurtured. All harvesting occurs at the plant's peak medicinal activity, which is when the life force of the plant is at it's height.

High-Altitude Farming. We specialize in high-altitude farming and in growing high-altitude herbs. Our farm is at 7,000 feet elevation, and our wild cultivation sanctuary is at 8,500 feet. All of our herbs are grown at altitude, in a pristine and intense mountain environment, producing plants with medicinal activity of the highest caliber.

mt-sneffels.jpgClean, Clear Water. Our watershed begins in the Mt. Sneffles Wilderness and National Forest area, with peaks exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation. Our water source comes directly from the snowcapped Mount Sneffels, where it flows into the pristine, beautiful and crystal blue, Blue Lakes. It is then filtered through mountain streams, to irrigation ditches, and finally to our farm.

Quality Control. We process our plant material, fresh or dried, just before making a product, assuring for the highest-level medicinal activity. It has been shown that exposure of plant material to oxygen results in rapid breakdown of plant chemistry. Therefore, because we grow approximately 80 percent of the herbs used in our products, we have control over how the plant material is stored and processed.

Unconditional Love. Unconditional love promotes optimal health and healing.  Our products are made with Unconditional love and vibrate at this harmonic.