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Unconditional Love

Inspired by Masuru Emoto's book Hidden Messages In Water, we believe that our intentions are "read" by the water contained in our bodies and that these intentions also spill over into all other aspects of our lives.  Emoto's studies with frozen water crystals have proved that the words we use, the feelings we express and the beliefs that we carry have a huge impact on the overall health of our being.

In Emoto's studies, words like WISDOM, TRUTH, and LOVE create extravagantly beautiful water crystals. We are greatly influenced by this work to maintain positive thoughts, words and deeds, when we are working with the plants, whether in the field or in production, and when we are making our herbal products.

In alignment with these studies, we at Shining Mountain Herbs strive to create an environment that supports the virtue of Unconditional Love. We infuse all of our products with the intention of Unconditional Love throughout the production process.

Unconditional love holds a high vibration and harmonic that is in alignment with the highest good.

It's our intention that all of our herbal products be made with Unconditional Love and with the ultimate healing potential for all.


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