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rainbow.jpgWe first came to herbalism because our daughter suffered with eczema at a very young age.  Her pediatrician at the time recommended topical steriods indefinitely. We knew that there had to be other ways to help overcome the health challenges, that would be in harmony with her young and growing body.  Sheila had been studying herbology for a while so she looked into various herbal remedies, some to help with the symptoms and some to help with the underlying causes. This led to a life long love of herbal medicine and the power that it holds.  We are continuously amazed by the bounty and beauty of nature with its timeless wisdom.  

We "bought the farm" in 1995 with the intention of growing medicinal herbs that are considered endangered in the wild by the United Plant Savers (a group devoted to preserving medicinal herbs in nature).  Our love of nature and herbology inspired us to want to give back by helping to protect the wild stands of at risk plants. We chose to focus on Osha because it grows locally and is not cultivated commercially.  We continue, to this day, to perfect our cultivation techniques.  Very few people have been able to cultivate Osha and we feel lucky to be helping to unlock the keys to its propagation.  Our hope is to learn and share these techniques so that others can cultivate Osha to supply the growing demand for this powerful medicinal.

The process of learning how to farm at 7,000 feet has been long and at times very difficult.  Sheila once mentioned to Richo Chech, owner of Horizon Herbs where we source most of our seeds, that the learning curve was so steep.  He responded with, "The steeper the curve, the more exercise you get!"  Wow, have we all been getting a lot of exercise! Farming medicinal herbs at 7,000 feet is unique, so our vision evolved to cultivating medicinal herbs that at thrive at altitude.  Our pristine and intense environment supports the growth of exceptional quality medicinal herbs.  Growing the botanicals onsite is incredibly valuable as an herbal company.  It allows for "seed to product" nurturing and attention to detail.  It lessens our carbon footprint, and it allows for an herbal wisdom and understanding that goes beyond books. It is an honor to nurture the botanicals that we use in our products.

osha5.jpgSheila has studied with many herbalists and is a Certified Clinical Herbalist from East West School of Herbology.  She loves the herbal wisdom of different cultures and really valued the East West School of Herbology's education that included learning about Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal traditions.  Shining Mountain Herbs grows Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and they are used in our formulas.  Our formulated extracts are a combination of herbs brought together to address both the symptoms and the underlying causes of the dis-ease state.  We deeply believe in vital living and as such feel that tonic formulas that build the body to prevent illness are also an important aspect of a wellness program.   As such, we have developed a line of tonic formulas created to bring vitality to everyday living.  

The dream of Shining Mountain Herbs would not have been possible without Tim's wisdom and efforts in creating the infrastructure.  He has designed the irrigation systems, the greenhouses, drying room, herb production building and much more.

Shining Mountain Herbs vision and intention is to bring beauty, light, love and healing miracles to those that take our products.  Our deepest desire is that we can make the world brighter,  more beautiful and more joyous by being here. Our herbal family has now grown to 10 folks that put their hearts and wisdom into creating products that promote wellness and vital living.  A big part of our dream and intention is to uplift people by the experience of working at Shining Mountain Herbs.  We want to make the world brighter and our little valley a more prosperous place by being here.

Many blessing to all.


Tim and Sheila