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The Farm

Shining Mountain Herbs was founded in 1998 with the vision of sustainably growing medicinal herbs that are endangered or threatened in the wild. Our focus is on herbs that grow at high-altitude. The majority of these herbs are difficult to grow due to their altitude-specific climate, yet are highly esteemed and thus somewhat endangered in the wild because of their unique medicinal qualities. As such, it has been our aim to cultivate these herbs on our Organic farm.

our-farm.jpgOur farm is located at the base of the majestic Mount Sneffles Range in the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado. This pristine and powerful rural mountain environment produces what we consider to be vibrant herbs of very high medicinal quality.

We have two distinct growing locations. Our main farm is located at 7,000 feet in a beautiful river valley surrounded by red rock cliffs on either side and with rich river-bottom soil. Our other location is more mountainous at 8,500 feet, cliffside, and is largely populated by pines, firs, oaks, and aspens, and many natural springs which flow throughout the property.

The majority of our herbs our grown on the main farm at 7,000 feet, while the wild-cultivation occurs at 8,500 feet. Both settings are wildlife havens frequented by herds of elk and deer, blue heron, fox, coyote, Canadian geese, red-tailed hawk, mountain lion, bear, wild turkey, and both bald and golden eagles.

Eighty percent of the herbs used in our products are grown on one of Shining Mountain Herbs two properties. The remaining twenty percent of herbs are either wildcrafted locally or are grown by other trusted Certified Organic growers. We are committed to growing as many of the herbs in our product line as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot grow them all due to our mountain climate and short growing season.


We have two main fields on the farm on which we grow the majority of our crops. The upper field is used mainly for aerial and flower crops, and has clay-based soil; while the lower field is used mainly for root crops and has river-silt based soil.


45.jpgWe have two greenhouses. In the shoulder seasons, when it is too cold outside for our herbs to thrive, we use the heat generated by the sun to nurture and extend the growth of our plants. In the spring, we start all of our annual plants in the greenhouses and then transplant outdoors once the weather is agreeable. For some of our more tropical plants, our cold nights, which occur year round, are too harsh for their optimal growth. These plants spend their whole lives in the greenhouse environment. In the fall, these plants die back, and we are able to harvest them just as we would if they were grown outdoors. 


All of our herbs are either used fresh from the field, or are shade dried in our drying barn. We hand-harvest all of our herbs, at the peak of their medicinal activity, to ensure the highest medicinal quality. We never fumigate or irradiate our herbs, and we do not use, or support the use of, genetically modified seeds (GMO). All of our herbs are Organic, which means no GMO's ever.  


Our product line is Organic which means that our herbs are grown without the use of chemicals and without the addition of GMO's.  Our line includes herbal products such as tinctures, salves, and oils. We make all of our products on site on our farm in Ridgway. We use only glass and 18/8 food-grade stainless steel in our maceration process and for storage. We comply with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes) to insure that safety, cleanliness and consistency are at the center of our production process. 

Our Organic Products

We nurture our products from seed to sprout to shelf. Our plants are lovingly attended through all stages of growth, drying, and product formulation. We believe in making and using organic products because they are better for the planet and better for you!