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Our Teachers & Inspiration

sef.jpgWe have several teachers and mentors who have contributed much to our lives and to the health and wholeness of Shining Mountain Herbs.

The benefit of a true teacher can never be understated and must never be taken for granted. Teachers and mentors lead by example, they point you in the right direction and allow the student to find their own path.  We consider ourselves blessed to have such powerful people in our lives. Thank you all for being and for bringing your wisdom to the farm.  

We also consider the plants as teachers. We give gratitude for their patience, their soft voices, and their willingness to touch us in our hearts.

Pat Frazier and Caren Von Gontard, Together Pat and Caren had been studying and embracing Biodynamic farming for over 30 years.  They generously share their knowledge with Shining Mountain Herbs so that we can also embrace and utilize the biodynamic principles, adding its gentle beauty on to the organic farming foundation.

Colleen Gardner, Edu-K International Faculty Member and 35 year Touch for Health practitioner. Brain Gym and Touch for Health combine the ancient healing traditions of the east and west with a newer understanding of energetics and its role in the healing process. Colleen's skill, dedication, knowledge and love of what she does are a constant reminder of what is possible.  She is one of my greatest teachers.

Dr. Sam Rehnborg, Nutrilite Dietary Supplements.  Sam's father, Carl, was the original discoverer of vitamins when he started Nutrilite in 1935.   Under Sam's guidance, Nutrilite is now being sold all over the world.  This means that millions of people are healthier and millions of people are making a living in a way that is uplifting to themselves and their communities because of Carl's original vision and Sam visionary guidance.  Sam has been an unfailing mentor of Shining Mountain Herbs with sage advice and belief in our vision.  Sam has a rare blend of extraordinary intelligence coupled with unbridled optimism.  

Raymond Reitze, Founded Earthways School of Wilderness Living, and Heart Teachings with Old Turtle.  Ray has been a teacher and mentor to Tim and Sheila for the past 17 years, helping them to see how we are all related and in understanding the importance of kindness and in leaving the world a better place for having lived in it.

Michael and Leslie Tierra, Founding members of the American Herbalist Guild and Directors of the East West School of Herbology.  Sheila studied with Michael and Leslie and found their course inspirational and foundational to the blending and bringing together of western and eastern herbology.

Roy Upton, Founder of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Founding member of the American Herbalist Guild. Roy has a kindness that is rare coupled with a deep intelligence and focused determination.  Roy's example of quality and assurance in herbology helps to keep our "bar high" as Shining Mountain Herbs grows.

Neil and Pegi Young, Musicians, Founders of The Bridge School, and Founder and Developers of LincVolt.  Neil and Pegi are creative, talented, caring and passionate.  When they see or experience challenges they create solutions.  The world is a better place because of them.  Their example encourages us to believe in Shining Mountain Herbs and our vision.