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Oral Health

Some Say the Eyes are the Window to the Soul...

We say that your Smile is the window to your True Self!

When we have issues with our mouth, teeth, or lips, we tend to hold back our smiles.

Herbs have been used sucessfully to treat many of the issues one may encounter with our teeth, gums, lips and mouth.

Fun Fact:

Spilanthes, commonly known as the "Toothache Plant" has flowers that some say resemble a tooth. In early times, when people were first starting to use herbs as medicine, they would look for similarities between the plant and the part of the body that they needed to heal.

Naturally, our elders turned to Spilanthes when they had a toothache. This herb has also been used successfully to treat gingivitis, candida, and oral thrush.

Oral Health

  • Organic Echinacea
    $14.98 Echinacea Extract (1oz)
    Echinacea is traditionally used for immune stimulation during acute inflammatory infections such as colds and flus. It may bring relief from sore throats when used at the first sign of infection. Echinacea is also effective...