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Sheila Manzagol
Sheila Manzagol

Position: President, Herbalist and Founder

Favorite Botanical: As an herbalist, I feel very lucky to be growing the medicinal herbs that we use in our herbal products.I love all botanicals and enjoy growing them so that I can get a sense of the different personalities. For example, Comfrey (common name Knitbone) has a life force that is rare. You can grow a plant from a piece of root the size of a pin head. Another example is Motherwort. She is tall with a purple flower that looks very soft from afar. To touch her is something else. She is a bit prickly with an underestimated strength. That said, I would have to pick nettles as a favorite. It emerges early in the spring, is a great spring tonic, is wonderful for mitigating allergies, is full of assimilable iron and is fun to eat in soups or as a pesto. It is also used in Biodynamic preparations. The fiber has historically been used for making cordage by native people and is currently being used to make beautiful articles of clothing. All this with just one plant! Wow!

Music: I listen to all types of music, but I mostly listen to rock, classical, Native American, Hawaiian, flamenco, jazz and meditative music.

Books/Movies: I love to read and watch things that are uplifting. Time is limited and I have no interest in that which brings about negative emotion or conflict. My favorite all time movie is The Sounds of Music. I enjoy reading books by many folks, particularly David Hawkins and Bruce Lipton.

Hobbies/Interests: I live in an outdoor playground so just going outside makes me happy. I love to run, hike and mountain bike on the beautiful local trails and back country roads. I also enjoy cooking (especially with the fresh produce from the farm). Traveling fills my soul and keeps everything in perspective. I love life and am compelled to explore ways that can blend the bounty of the natural world with healing and optimal wellness for all.

Favorite Quote: "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi.

Experience: Graduated with a degree in biology and first worked in an immune biology lab researching AIDS at Stanford Medical School. I started studying herbology 18 years ago and am a certified clinical herbologist with the East West School of Herbology. I loved studying with the East West School of Herbology because of the incorporation of Western and Eastern herbal traditions. I have recently been studying Brain Gym and Touch for Health. Brain Gym and Touch for Health also incorporate ancient Western and Eastern wisdom along with more recent energetic knowledge. I like to think of myself and Shining Mountain Herbs as alchemists. Combining the best of ancient herbology with newer healing modalities like Brain Gym and Touch for Health to create herbal medicine that effects healing on all four levels of existence: Spirit, Mind, Emotion and Body.


Tim J. Manzagol

Position: Owner, Operations

Favorite Botanicals: Rhodiola rosea, Osha, Elecampane, Although we have many great products, my favorite is the Rocky Mountain Herbal Bitters formulation. I have some digestive issues and it's probably saved my marriage :)

Music: I love almost all types of music. It's food for the soul and I rely on music abundantly for relaxation and general enjoyment. Such incredible diversity in musical lyrics and instrumental composition inspires me. Classical, jazz, blues, rock, native american, and bluegrass are probably my favorite types. I love too many artists to name them and would likely forget some great ones thus,regret not mentioning them. However...of the hundreds of albums and CDs that I do own, I suspect I have more of Neil Young's music than anybody else.

Interests: Many. I love the natural sciences and particularly geology. Also high on my list is the plant kingdom and the diverse habitats that it creates along with other side benefits such as our atmosphere. The kingdom is quite humbling. The interrelationship of all things on our planet amazes me and I find much joy being part of the web. Preservation of earth's natural resources is high on my list of interests.



Mani Persephone Geter

Position: Operations Manager

Works: inside on drying, garbling processing

Favorite Botanicals: All Blue Gentians, all wild violets, osha, rattlesnake plantain, pasque flower.

Music: Bluegrass, Folk, Native American Flute, East Indian, Regaee, Country, Ma Muse.

Books/Movies: Britta (Paulo Cuelo), Medicinal Plants of the Mountains West (Michael Moore), Jitter Bug Perfume (Tom Robbins), Harold & Maude (Movie).

Interests: Hiking in the mountain high country of Colorado visiting all my plant and nature being friends. Growing plants, belly dancing, wildcrafting, Mind, Body, Sprit medicine/healing.

Favorite Quotation: As Above So Below.

Experience: Working with medicinal and culinary herb farms. Wildcrafting of medicinal herbs for teas. Bodyworker: CMT (Certified Massage Therapist), Chi Net Tsang (internal organ massage), Cranisacral Therapy.


Name: Nicole Greene

Position: Independent Marketing Consultant

Favorite Botanicals: Calendula - just because the flowers are so beautiful when they are set out to dry on our drying racks. 

Music: Anything that's fun to dance to. 

Interests: Climbing, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, biking and frolicking in the outdoors. 

Experience: As the Founder of Telluride’s San Juan Outdoor School and Owner of Sprout Design Studio, I have worked extensively in graphic design and print media, website management, social media and business organization and promotion. It is a pleasure to be able to apply these skills working for Shining Mountain Herbs. 



Brittney Manzagol

Position: Federal Excise Tax Liaison

Favorite Botanicals: Spilanthes, Astragalus, Echinacea, Osha, Ashwaganda

Music: Alternative, Indie

Books/Movies: For Books: Illusions by Richard Bach, My Antonia by Willa Cather, A River Runs Through It by Norman McLean, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
For Movies: The Last Lions, Bag It, So Right So Smart, Pride and Prejudice

Interests: Environmentalism, Humanitarian Work, Education, Sustainable Farming.

Favorite Quote: "Until we leave behind these tall human husks of longing and memory, let our eyes and ears be ravenous, let our noses be apostles, and let our lips be insatiable and vigorous with praise." -Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Experience: I had the great fortune of growing up on the Shining Mountain Herbs Farm. The summers in my youth were smattered with time planting vegetable gardens or picking calendula, and as I grew older I began taking on more tasks until I became a full time field hand. I am attending CU Boulder currently and living in Boulder prohibits me from being physically in the fields, but I am still actively working on the federal excise tax (not as much fun as the fields).