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Education Opportunities @ Shining Mountain Herbs

serguei-teaches.jpgShining Mountain Herbs is dedicated to the advancement of herbal knowledge and to the maintenance and support of the commerce of medicinal herbs.

We host interns each year who express a sincere desire to learn organic farming practices and who seek a medicinal herb education.

Shining Mountain Herbs provides learning and "hands-on" working opportunities for motivated, experienced and somewhat in-experienced people who are interested in learning and sharing information about medicinal herb farming, biodynamics, high-altitude farming, product making and formulation. 

Internships are available for those interested in furthering their knowledge of herbs, organic farming, and living in harmony with the land. The majority of the work and education of internships is focused on farming with some opportunity to learn product making and formulation.

Internships are awarded in the winter and early spring for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Internship Details

We are very busy in the growing season, so we do require that our interns are in good health, both mentally and physically; that our interns have experience using garden tools such as shovels, hoes, and hand tools; that personal issues are attended to during personal time; and that our interns come prepared to live life to its fullest, to give and receive perhaps more than ever before, and to experience a positive framework for living.

Our interns live and work on the farm and are expected to work 35 hours per week and pay a nominal fee for this unique learning opportunity. This is a rigorous lifestyle and interns can expect to be tired at the end of each day, but to feel fulfilled as we all watch the progress of the farm's seasonal growth. Interns can plan to have weekends and holidays off.

A limited number of internships and herbalist guest stays are available during the spring, summer and fall at our Colorado farm. On-site housing is provided. We have framed canvas tents, a yurt,
edu.jpgand tent sites. Our facilities include a communal kitchen, a plumbed bathroom, and private outdoor showers with spectacular views of the San Juan Mountains. The accommodations are "rustic" but comfortable and provide our interns an opportunity to live close to the land, and to return home with memories, knowledge, and stories to share.

Our area is known for its natural hot springs with the closest being "Orvis Hot Springs" located about a mile away. Nearby we also have world class hiking trails, backpacking, biking, mountain climbing, and in the winter, ice climbing in nearby Ouray.

Please email or post a letter of intent and interest if you are interested in this unique opportunity.