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Digestive Health

Good Digestion = Good Health

Some health experts consider good digestion to be the cornerstone to good health. When we can achieve good digestion we are absorbing nutrients easily, we are moving wastes through efficiently, and we are getting rid of the toxins that our body has isolated and sent from our organs into our GI tract.

When we experience symptoms such as gas, flatulence, bloating, and indigestion, this is our body's way of telling us that something is amiss. Perhaps we need to detox, to eat more ruffage or perhaps we are not drinking enough water. Herbs can be a great way to aid our bodies in removing wastes and developing a healthier digestive system.

“The pain of intestinal discomfort ruled my life before I started taking Shining Mountain Herbal Bitters. Just about any food would cause pain—keeping me awake at night.  I tried different diets, including cutting out wheat, caffeine, and alcohol. Nothing worked. I am a ski instructor in the winter and work out all summer to keep in shape, so I need a lot of fuel. It was difficult for me to eat enough. I am no longer in pain all the time, and I can eat a relatively normal diet. Athletically, I notice that my endurance is much better than before - I can run and bike longer distances and not be as tired.  Shining Mountain Herbs Rocky Mountain Herbal Bitters have changed my life.

Debra Willits
Professional Ski Instructor and Triathlete, Ridgway, Colorado

Digestive Health

  • Adventure Travel Kit
    $47.98 Adventure Travel Kit: Herbal Wellness for World Travel Adventures
    Adventure Travel Kit - Stay Healthy While You Travel Every moment counts, so don't miss a beat. The Adventure Travel Kit is designed to keep you feeling great when you head out to explore the world. We believe deeply that...
  • Better Belly Bitters, 1oz
    $14.98 Better Belly Bitters (1oz) - NEW!
    A liquid herbal extract formulated to support your digestive system anytime, but especially during travel. It helps to ease indigestion associated with unfamiliar foods and to raise the hydrochloric acid level in your...
  • Calendula Extract (2oz)
    $18.99 Calendula Extract (2oz)
    Calendula tincture is traditionally used internally for ulcers, thrush and yeast infections. Calendula may reduce swollen glands and is safe for children to take for chicken pox and the measles. The diluted tincture may be...
  • Holy Basil Extract (2oz)
    $18.50 Holy Basil Extract (2oz)
    Holy Basil is traditionally used for reducing depression, stress and anxiety. It may promote a relaxed and balanced state. Holy Basil is an adaptogen, which means it goes where it is needed, and can reduce stress. It may...
  • Rocky Mountain Herbal Bitters Filled Flask (6oz)
    $43.00 Rocky Mountain Herbal Bitters Filled Flask (6oz)
    Organic Rocky Mountain Herbal Bitters support digestive function, support liver function, increase assimilation of nutrients, help with the elimination of toxins, and strengthen the digestive system. They may also help to...
  • Wormwood Extract (2oz)
    $18.50 Wormwood Extract (2oz)
    Wormwood is traditionally used as a digestive tonic, and as its name implies, it is also used for the treatment of intestinal worms.*   Ingredients: Organic Artemisia absinthium Leaf and Flower, Organic Ethyl...