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Stainless Steel Flasks

Why 18/8 Stainless Steel? Design Flasks


Counting Sheep?

There is nothing worse than not being able to rest at those times when we need it most. Our bodies require a certain amount of sleep in order to function at their best. Good sleep has been shown to stabilize moods, eating habits and performance.  We all feel better when we have gotten a good night's sleep.

There are many herbs that can help one relax into sleep, some as gentle as a warm cup of chamomile tea and some a little stronger for those with more serious and chronic sleep issues. Herbs can be a great way to settle in for the night.


  • Bedtime Bliss Aromatherapy Inhaler - NEW!
    $5.99 Bedtime Bliss Aromatherapy Inhaler - NEW!
    An aromatherapy inhaler that supports restful sleep with certified organic essential oils that calm the mind and promote relaxataion.* Use 15 minutes before bedtime and if needed upon waking in the night...
  • Catnip Extract (2oz)
    $18.99 Catnip Extract (2oz)
    Catnip is traditionally used as a mild sedative to relax the nervous system. Catnip may also reduce gas, bloating and the symptoms of colic. It is safe for use by children and the elderly.* Ingredients Organic Nepeta...
  • Skullcap Extract (2oz)
    $18.50 Skullcap Extract (2oz)
    Skullcap is traditionally used as a nerve tonic, as it helps to support a healthy nervous system. Skullcap may induce an inner calm and may treat insomnia. It may help lessen symptoms for those who are withdrawing from...
  • Valerian Extract (1oz)
    $14.98 Valerian Extract (1oz)
    Valerian is traditionally used to alleviate insomnia and sleeplessness. It is also useful for symptoms of anxiety such as tremors, panic, palpitations and sweating. While Valerian is primarily used for insomnia, its...
  • Wood Betony Extract (2oz)
    $18.50 Wood Betony Extract (2oz)
    Wood Betony is traditionally used as a tonic for the nervous system. It may be helpful in the treatment of chronic headaches, nervousness and anxiety.*   Ingredients: Organic Statchys officinalis Aerial Parts,...