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Immune Health


When the weather gets colder, wetter and we spend more time indoors, we are more susceptible to catching colds, viruses and the like. At these times of stress due to weather, our habits, and other factors, we need to boost our immune systems.

Herbs like Astragalus and Garlic can be taken as a supplement while we are healthy in order to boost our systems. Others like Echinacea, Winter Wellness or Immediate Immune can be taken at the first signs of illness.

Immune Health

  • Organic Echinacea
    $14.98 Echinacea Extract (1oz)
    Echinacea is traditionally used for immune stimulation during acute inflammatory infections such as colds and flus. It may bring relief from sore throats when used at the first sign of infection. Echinacea is also effective...
  • Garlic Extract (2oz)
    $18.50 Garlic Extract (2oz)
    Garlic is traditionally used medicinally for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Garlic is also antifungal, antiseptic, antibiotic and may stimulate the body's immune system. Since it thins the blood, caution...
  • Hygienic Hands - An Organic Hand Sanitizer
    $9.98 Hygienic Hands (2oz) - Organic Hand Sanitizer - NEW!
    Our hand sanitizer is formulated from a blend of organic essential oils and organic ethyl alcohol known for their natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.* We add organic vegetable glycerine to soothe and protect...
  • Immediate Immune
    $11.50 Choose Options Immediate Immune (1oz/2oz)
    Immediate Immune contains herbs that are known for having antiviral, antibacterial, fever-reducing and immuno-stimulant properties. The herbs in this formula may boost the body's response to infection which is...
  • Journey Well (1oz) - NEW!
    $14.98 Journey Well (1oz) - NEW!
    A liquid herbal extract formulated to boost immunity when traveling.*  Ingredients: Echinacea angustifolia Root, Spilanthes Aerial, Elecampane Root, Osha Root, Licorice Root, Enlivened and Purified Rocky Mountain...
  • Power BoosterPlus Filled Flask (4oz)
    $38.00 Power BoosterPlus Filled Flask (4oz)
    Organic Power BoosterPlus contains herbs traditionally used for increasing energy, stamina, and cerebral function. It also provides deep support for the immune system. Use Power BoosterPlus as a daily supplement, or as...
  • Warm-Up Filled Flask (4oz)
    $29.00 Warm-Up Filled Flask (4oz)
    Our Organic Warm-Up contains herbs traditionally used for their warming properties, for increasing energy and for helping the body adapt to cold weather induced stress. Use Warm-Up as a daily supplement during the winter...