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Stainless Steel Flasks

Why 18/8 Stainless Steel? Design Flasks

Cuts, Bruises & Fractures

"My friend, Dana and I came by your booth at the farmers market today and we were interested in your Arnica Salve . . . well she put some on her torn calf, then we went to run some errands and she was excited because it WORKED so fast!

She went back and got me and herself a jar each.  I was SHOCKED because I was kneed in the jaw by a horse 2 weeks ago and the fascia over the jaw muscles was stuck to the bone—and hurt like you wouldn't believe . . . well, I put the salve on my jaw and within an hour it did not hurt. I had to TRY and make it hurt.

I am a believer-absolutely.

The energy of the salve is incredibly vibrant and alive.

You have excellent products. THANK YOU.”

Lizzy Meyer,
Equine Masseuse, Healer, Telluride, Colorado

“I used to have to have pedicures at least every few months because my heels were so cracked and rough! Since using Shining Mountain Herbs Healing Skin Salve I haven't needed one yet and it's been 2 months."

Monica S. Holley,
Telluride, Colorado

Cuts, Bruises & Fractures

  • Arnica Sport Salve
    $17.98 Arnica Sports Salve (2oz)
    Arnica Sports Salve is a great addition to your herbal medicine chest as it can help to increase circulation, reduce bruising and speed healing. It is known to be helpful for sore muscles and may be useful for easing the...
  • Calendula Oil (2oz)
    $13.98 Calendula Oil (2oz)
    Calendula oil is traditionally used to promote the healing of wounds, burns, bruises, and for soothing eruptive skin diseases such as chicken pox, shingles and measles. Calendula oil is soothing and healing. It is also...
  • Healing Skin Salve
    $9.98 Choose Options Healing Skin Salve (1oz/ 2oz)
    Organic Healing Skin Salve is a great addition to your herbal medicine chest. Use liberally to soothe irritated skin. Valuable for dry, cracked skin, minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. Healing Skin Salve is also helpful for...
  • Muscle Renew Balm - 1oz
    $10.98 Muscle Renew Balm (1oz) - NEW!
    With arnica, menthol, cayenne and essential oils, this warming and relaxing balm helps to relieve sore and tired muscles and reduce bruising. It is also helpful for sprains and pulled ligaments.*  Ingredients: Organic...
  • Summit Salve (1oz) - NEW!
    $9.98 Summit Salve (1oz) - NEW!
    This anti-inflammatory salve contains botanicals and essential oils that have been traditionally used as herbal antiseptics to heal dry skin, blisters, cuts, scrapes, rashes, as well as to relieve itching and swelling from...
  • Ultra Athlete Salve (1oz) - NEW!
    $9.98 Ultra Athlete Salve (1oz) - NEW!
    A rich and emollient salve that may be applied preventively to protect your skin against chafing and saddle sores. It also treats road rash, abrasions, cuts and flappers.* Ingredients: Organic Calendula Flower, Organic...
  • Yarrow Extract (2oz)
    $18.99 Yarrow Extract (2oz)
    Yarrow is traditionally used to help stop bleeding and to speed wound healing. It is known as an anti-hemorrhagic, and can be applied topically or taken internally for bleeding.  It may also be used in the treatment of...