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Altitude Sickness Prevention

Many people suffer the effects of Altitude Sickness, whether visiting a mountain ski town stateside, or when traveling abroad to summit the world's largest peaks.

Consider taking a bottle of High Altitude Help along with you on your next mountain adventure.

“I thought you might be interested to know that my son, Tom (19) and I, Dave (48) climbed Denali this past climbing season. Tom achieved the summit (20,320) while I got almost to Denali Pass (~18,000). We faithfully used your altitude assist drops (High Altitude Help) in our water everyday for all 18 days. We climbed well with no hint of altitude sickness. Thank you for the product!”

Dave & Tom Gillis

"After having suffered for 14 years from moderate to severe symptoms of altitude sickness, I tried High Altitude Help. For the first time I was able to fully experience and enjoy my time in Colorado completely symptom free. I had taken prescription drugs in the past with bad side effects. High Altitude Help relieved my symptoms and I felt positive about being all natural. For people who suffer from Altitude Sickness, I cannot urge you enough to try this wonderful product."

M. Bennett, Illinois

"This past fall I hunted elk in Colorado at the 8,000 to 9,000 ft level. I had hunted this same area in 2005 and had a major issue with altitude sickness. Having heard about your High Altitude Help, I thought I would give it a try...WHAT A DIFFERENCE from 2005!!!! I experienced no altitude related problems! Thanks for such a great product."

L. Staab, Michigan

Altitude Sickness Prevention

  • High AltitudeHelp Filled Flask (2oz)
    $29.00 High AltitudeHelp Filled Flask (2oz)
    Organic High Altitude Help is a unique blend of botanical adaptogens traditionally used to help the body adapt to environmental changes, such as oxygen deficit due to high altitude. High Altitude Help can be...
  • Organic High Altitude Help-Refill (4oz)
    $44.99 $35.99 Organic High Altitude Help-Refill (4oz)
    Use this bottle to refill your Shining Mountain Herbs Organic High Altitude Help. Organic High Altitude Help is a unique blend of botanical adaptogens traditionally used to help the body adapt to environmental changes,...